Create an Entertainment Room

December 27, 2017

When it comes to creating a space that you love, the imagination is the only limit. Recently, I was reading about a home that was modeled after the Camelot castles of old. Some people model their homes after movie sets, television shows they love and other pop culture worlds. You may not want to model your entire home after a movie, but creating a space where people will want to watch movies may be an appealing idea, especially for the kids in your family. 

Having a multifunctional entertainment room can be a great place for people to congregate. What are some components of an entertainment room that will make your home the go to “hang out house”?


Top end electronics are constantly changing, but a great entertainment room will center on a good television. This may sound obvious, but having an easy to operate system is helpful so people in the room aren’t always asking the owner to help. It is also helpful to have many of the systems hidden well, either in cabinets, or in adjacent rooms so kids that are using it, don’t trip on the cords or accidentally unplug sound or other important components of the system. 


The space should be set up for lots of seating for visitors to be able to sit. The more options you have, the more of a diverse group will want to enjoy the room. Whether that includes a large spacious couch, comfortable chairs, or even a bean bag for younger children, make sure there is seating for lots of people. 

Keep it Clean

As a multi-functional area, it should serve multiple purposes. It should be there as a video viewing room for some guests, a play space for kids, and a place to visit for others. As many types of people are visiting the room, you may have toys left around, ping pong balls, and couch pillows left all around. Some people may avoid the area if it looks to cluttered. Do your best to keep it clean so visitors will be enticed to visit the space. 

Entertainment options

This should be a place where many activities can happen. There should be television shows, movies or other viewing activities. At least one video game system and possibly more should be a part of the room. Not all activities need to center on the television. There can also be pool tables, ping pong tables or possibly a table for doing board games or puzzles. There may also be a kitchen or bar where people can get food for the activities they are participating. 

An entertainment room can be an enticing option for people that are looking to entertain a lot of guests for parties, or a place to entertain their kids while adults are visiting in other areas of your home. When you have an entertainment space it also keeps people from other parts of the house that you may want to keep private.