Common House Hunting Mistakes

April 17, 2018

Finding the perfect home isn’t easy. There are so many factors to consider before you even start looking. When it comes to things like price range, location, and the amenities you want in the home, there are dozens of elements you need to look into. When searching for houses, you can make some mistakes. If you go in prepared though, you can at least avoid some common mistakes that will save you time and money.


When you first see the home of your dreams with the perfect finished basement, and walk-in closets for each of the rooms, it is easy to be blinded by how the house seems to be. However, if you get an inspection and you get this list of things and the potential repairs you might have to do, don’t ignore them. Take the time to get an estimate from a professional to find out how much repairs might cost. The cost to repair things may outweigh the facade of the house. Don’t be afraid to walk away after an inspection shows costs you hadn’t anticipated.

The Future

As you know, most homes have or 15 or 30-year mortgages. That requires a commitment. Make sure you are aware of what a responsibility it is to move into a house as opposed to renting. Having a home means you are responsible for the upkeep, repairs, and everything that comes along with owning. And while many things in a house you can change over time, the location can’t. Make sure you are within your comfort range of work, grocery stores and other amenities you want. You will also want to make sure your home will accommodate the size of family you want in the future. 

Due Diligence

Getting into a home may take a while. Be prepared to look at all aspects of a house, including the neighborhood. Check out the commute to work. Scout out the local grocery stores. Compare the homes to others in the area. Make sure the community is safe enough for you and has adequate light. Make sure you do your best to accommodate your family. Is there enough room for the kids? Is there an office space for a telecommuter? Do the kids have adequate space to play with friends? Are there parks nearby? 


Home staging is big business. A professional or an excellent decorator can create a beautiful looking illusion. A staged home can hide a lot of things like inadequate storage space, poor electrical, or a home that is in need of a lot of repairs. Don’t be fooled by how a house is laid out. Make sure you have the house thoroughly inspected and get all the information before making a serious offer on the house. Again, don’t be afraid to walk away if the costs of repairs are more than you can afford. 

In the end, when you do your homework and get the best possible information about a house, the chances of getting the right home for you will increase significantly.