How Schools Can Affect your Home Value

May 8, 2018

When it comes to buying a house, there are many factors for a potential buyer to consider. Everything from a home’s layout to kitchen to the yard. In the end, though, the most important factor is location. Often a family will want to be close to the city where they are working, at an essential place near a downtown area, or even a specific neighborhood they have been scouting. 

Something many sellers may not know is that many buyers value being within a specific school district. When I was selling my home, our school district was a big selling point that people used when marketing the home. 

As many homebuyers in Utah are large families, a school district is often essential in their decision. Many things make a school district highly sought after. 


While sports are available in most school districts, some schools and programs within schools are more prestigious than others. Some schools may have a long tradition of being a basketball powerhouse or a football dynasty. Some others may have coaches that foster talent that will get them to colleges or professional leagues. If this is important to your family, finding schools within that district may be a big selling point. 


In a perfect world, all schools would provide equally strong programs that would foster a child’s academic skills. However, schools, even within individual districts are more challenging than others. When the competition for strong colleges and future careers are stiff, many parents do whatever it takes to give their children an advantage. Some schools offer strong Advanced Placement courses, access to local colleges for college credits, and help in areas like ACT/SAT test practice. When your home is in a neighborhood that has schools with strong academics, it can raise the value of your property. 

Music/Art Programs

Many schools focus on their music and arts programs. While some schools don’t even have music programs or focus mostly on academics, this can be something that makes potential buyers seek new areas that will help develop their children in more music-focused environments. Participation in performing arts benefits children in many areas of academics such as better school attendance, increased self-esteem, more in-depth cognitive skills, better grades in science and writing, and enrollment in post-secondary education. 

As the competition for college and careers becomes stronger by the year, people are looking to help their children achieve any advantage they can get. Having good schools near your home can help increase the value of your home.