How to Welcome Spring to Your Home

May 22, 2018

Spring is coming soon! How ready are you to shed your winter clothes and embrace the fresh air? After a winter of being trapped mostly outdoors and in the dark, there are a lot of things you can do now to welcome the coming of spring. What preparations are you going to make in your home to be ready for it?

Swap out your heavy bedding

Take off those heavy linens and extra blankets that kept you warm throughout the winter. Swap them for some fresher and lighter spring sheets and pillowcases. Having more breathable and lighter colored sheets will bring a touch of spring to your home and bedrooms. 

Try some Warm Weather Prints

Do you have a spare wall that needs lightening up? Try a new spring inspired print on the wall, whether that be a wall decoration or an art piece. A little can go a long way towards making your home feel the warmth of spring.

Spring Scents

Now that you have the sheets and bedding lightened and some decorations placed on the walls add to the ambiance by changing out your winter and holidays scents for something more spring-like. If you don’t have any at home, your local scent stores will probably have a lot of options for spring that will enhance the feel of spring in your home. 


Nothing feels like spring more than a light breeze coming through your windows. Take some time to prepare for the warmer days now, by removing screens, washing off the fingerprints and all the dirtiness from the winter. Clean windows allow that sunlight to warm a room and bring much more natural light into a place that will improve the mood and air quality. 


Flowers are a symbol of spring. Spring is a symbol of rebirth and life, so mix in some fresh flowers to bring a touch of spring to your home. The scent will also remind people of the feeling of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.

Clean up

Now that the dirt, snow, and ice are starting to leave, take the time to get some of the winter washed out of your house. When it felt too cold and dark during the winter, it was easy to try to ignore the cleaning, especially when it would come back so soon. Now that you have better weather and more sunlight take the time to clean up the dust, grime, and dirt from the winter.


It is time to clean out those closets. Not only to make more space but also to switch wardrobes. Put away those coats, sweaters, gloves, and boots and change them for short sleeve shirts, lighter jackets, and sandals. It will help you feel more ready for the spring and summer. It is also a chance to clean out some long harboring dust bunnies.

Spring is the time to refresh and renew. Use this time to shake off the winter and make your home a harbor for spring.